Contact Lenses

The Chromaview coloured contacts range offers a broad variety of styles, colours and contact lens wear durations. I have decided to stock both Natural Lenses and FX Lenses. Natural designs replicate the look of a real iris whereas the FX lenses come in a huge array of crazy colours and funky styles. There are so many styles to choose from and the collection is only going to expand! But in the meantime...these are my favs!

  • Halloween Contact Lenses – a hugely popular range of contacts, these special FX contact lenses are packed with creepy colours and even crazier styles. Help users replicate the look of Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches & more with some spooky eye contacts.
  • Cosplay Contact lenses – catering to the character needs of Cosplayers, anime fans and more; our Cosplay contact lens range features iconic and recognisable styles that are sure to impress. Wearers are always looking for ways to bring their favourite heroes and villains to life and our Cosplay range can help them add detail like never before.
  • Natural Coloured Contact Lenses – a change of eye colour has become a hugely popular trend, with contact lenses being used to totally transform the visual aesthetic of the eye. Gorgeous designs paired with natural shades of blue, brown and green will please and delight users searching for a brand new look.


Day and Monthly Use Available. 

The Chromaview coloured contacts range offers some of the most stylish contact lens types available in a variety of durations. With the different styles of contact lenses that are available worldwide, users of coloured contacts will usually have a preference for the duration of lenses they purchase. Within the Chromaview range, you will find a large range of daily coloured contacts, as well as reusable styles such as our one month use contacts. These styles allow for user preference and a wider choice as well as a more convenient solution to customers in busy Halloween and costume periods.

If there is a style not available in the particular disposable timeframe, hold tight as more contacts are continuously added to the collection!