Bridal Entry Ticket

Bridal Entry Ticket

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BRIDAL CATEGORY (10 positions available) FACE TO FACE

When- 18th September 2022
Theme- ALTERNATIVE BRIDE- Different, quirky Brides that make people stop and stare good or bad!? Yeh, here for it. Lets break away from traditional!! Goth, Colourful, Whimsical, Vintage Bride, Day of the Dead or GLITZ!? Take your pic. Lets shed some light on the unusual brides? The ones that stop us in our tracks the SHOW STOPPERS. After all, the wedding is all about the Bride;)

RULES- Makeup will be applied before the expo. However, additional makeup pieces, costumes and touch-ups can be applied Feel free to apply prosthetics before you arrive so you can focus on colouring and final details.

Competitions MUST arrive at 1pm sharp to apply touch-ups to your model. You will have until 2pm brushes down.  Utilise your time allowance wisely! Draw a plan, timeline and keep an eye on the clock. I would suggest getting majority of your entry complete before arriving so you have heaps of time for final details (costume, props Etc) 

Models are required this year! The last 2 competitions I have allowed for the competitors to work on themselves but we are changing it up this year. Each competitor will require 1 model for the entire duration of the day. Please check for models allergies and any other health conditions that may affect the process.  

No PAMPUS grass or balloons. Unfortunately the venue has banned these materials. 

Once you have purchased your entry ticket I will be emailing you a competitors package. This is going to be epic and I cannot wait to see some familiar faces along with new blood!! This is your chance to show off your talents.