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The one tone rich honey coloured contact lenses provides a subtle brown hue to dull natural eye colours. Available in a non prescription 30 day pair.

Transform your eye colour with the gorgeous design of the Chromaview One Tone Rich Honey Contact Lenses. These one tone coloured contact lenses are perfect for Cosplayers as changing up your everyday look due to their vibrant colour pigments. As well as being a 30 day reusable pair, these natural contact lenses feature a high water content premium material composition to aid with comfort during everyday wear. 

One Tone Contact Lens Features:

  • One Tone Detailed Colour Blend For Subtle Eye Colour Enhancements
  • Vibrant Natural Coverage For Most Eye Colours
  • Soft Lens Materials Ensures Comfort & Hydration
  • Designed To Be Worn for a 30-Day Duration

The One Tone contact lenses range is used to offer a subtle colour enhancement to the wearers eye colour. This one colour style adds enhanced levels of detail to the users existing eye colour. Our natural contacts are also popular with Cosplayers who wish to match their eye colour to that of their favourite character. The one tone design is available in a variety of durations and colours and is a great choice for users looking to try a new eye colour. There are so many ways to incorporate fashion contact lenses into your business. We think the tri tone contact lenses perfectly pair with:

  • Fashion Photoshoots
  • Makeup Studios
  • Beauty Accessories
  • Cosplay Accessories