Blend Me Over-Complete Makeup Brush Set

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Blend Me Over- Complete Full Face Brush Set by Centre of Attention Makeup Artistry
After 2 years in the making my baby is ready for the world!! This 15 piece brush set is specially designed to beat an entire face, including face, contour, highlight, blush, base, brows, lashes and lips IT HAS IT ALL!! including a cute makeup bag to store them safely.
The Ombre effect alone took months to perfect! But I'm so happy with the overall finish. I've been using these brushes everyday for the past 1.5years and they are so soft, durable and AMAZING!!!! It's all you need!
I've gone 1 up and have created an online tutorial to show you exactly how to use each brush and the multiple uses each brush has. This will be sent along with your purchase. Please note that the tutorial contains coarse language.
I wanted to design an entire package. The full face brush set combined with an online tutorial so you can get 100% out of each brush.
The Brush Collection;
COA01- Face Powder Brush
COA02- Foundation Brush
COA03- Blush/ Contour/ Cream contour/ Foundation Brush
COA04- Highlighter/Contour Brush
COA05- Contour/ Blush, Under-eye powder Set Brush
COA06- Medium Fluffy Brush- Under eye set, Eyeshadow, Concealer buffing brush
COA07- Medium Fluffy Brush- Eyeshadow blending brush, Concealer buffing
COA08- Medium/Small Fluffy Brush- Eyeshadow crease-outer corner brush
COA09- Small Fluffy Brush- Eyeshadow crease and outer corner, eyelid. 
COA10- Flat Fluffy Brush- Under eye blending, Pigment packing, crease brush
COA11- Flat, curved concealer brush- Cut crease, Pigment packing, Carving brows
COA12- Fluffy Pencil brush- Inner corner highlight, Undereye smoke, Crease Brush
COA13- Lip Brush-Lips, Water line, Detailed work
COA14- Small Angle Brush with Spooly- Brows, Eyeliner
COA15- Fine tip Liner Brush- Details. 
✔cruelty-free, VEGAN
Materials- synthetic hair, Wooden Handle

Worldwide shipping available (except for Canada and Ireland)
RRP- $150
Inclusions- 15 Piece Brush Set, brush bag, online video tutorial
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NOTE - tutorial video link is available for download once purchased. 

Brush cleaning tutorial- contains coarse Language