Makeup Procedures

Welcome to the updated version of my very own Full Face Makeup Procedure!! These procedures are packed full of tips and tricks and techniques and have received raving reviews from all over the world.  If there is something you've been struggling with when it comes to your makeup routine then you are sure to find the fix in here! NOTE- If you have previously purchased the book and videos you should know that these videos are from the original package.

Contents of the Full Face Makeup Procedure Book; 

Brows, Natural Eye Makeup, Glam Cut Crease, Lashes, Wings, Base and Lips

I have broken down the procedure into different purchasable products. 

Full Face Makeup Procedure- BOOK & VIDEO package

*This includes the hard copy book with 111 minutes worth of excusive footage supporting the book procedure. If you are more of a visual learner then you are sure to pick up the techniques from the videos in accordance to the book.

*Please note that these videos are the same from the original package! So if its the updated book you are chasing please choose that option. (most steps are the same, however the "Glam Cut Crease" section is new which can be purchased on its own. 

Full Face Makeup Procedure-  BOOK Only

This book contains everything from Brows, Natural eye makeup, Glam cut crease, Lashes, Wings, Base and Lips. Learn through written descriptions and step by step images! 

BROWS Procedure and Video (PDF ONLY)


GLAM CUT CREASE Procedure and Video (PDF ONLY)

LASHES Procedure and Video (PDF ONLY)

WINGS Procedure and Video (PDF ONLY)

BASE Procedure and Video (PDF ONLY)

LIPS Procedure and Video (PDF ONLY)

*If you purchase a section of the book in PDF form, the PDF will be emailed to you with the video link. If you do not receive this please contact me at and I will email that to you ASAP

*Books will be posted out to you and video links will be emailed to you. If for some reason you do not receive the video links please email me at

Any inquiries regarding the procedure or questions in regards to learning the steps please don't hesitate to contact me for help!