"HERE FOR IT" Colourful Language Water-Activated paint REFILL

"HERE FOR IT" Colourful Language Water-Activated paint REFILL

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Here for it- Single refill colour (Dark Purple)

Ready to take your creativity to the next level? I reckon you are! These paints can be used for the face, body and even graphic liner!  Whether or not you are a professional MUA, Face Painter, Newby or child, this palette isn’t here to F*ck around. Have fun, stop hesitating, JUST LET LOOSE!!

 The Palette Design

Each paint colour is designed to be removed if needed! You can replace the colour once you have run out or to give the palette a good clean out. Just pop them out with a thin tool or some sort or fingers if feeling extra strong.   Each colour having a raised edge means that there will be no accidental colour spills into the surrounding colours- smart, eh? The other refill colours will also be available to purchase on my website www.centreofattentionmakeup.com.au

 Let me tell you how to use it-

  • The paint is activated by water, ya know, good old H2O! Add some water to your brush and stir the paint into a creamy consistency. The thicker the paint, the more opacity! Want more of a colour wash/ add more water.
  • Use a brush, sponge or even fingers to apply the colour to the skin. Colours can be mixed straight from the cakes as well as on the skin, but do it before it dries completely.
  • The paint will darken slightly once dry. If you need to lighten any colour just add white!
  • To remove- I recommend jumping in the shower and giving your skin a good scrub with soap and water because makeup wipes just don’t cut it mate. Some colours with a red pigment may stain slightly so just be aware. Patch test if in doubt. 
  • Clean your brushes with soap and water after each use.
  • Store paints in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Tips and tricks-

I find the paints go best onto clean, dry skin.

They are buildable but make sure you apply in thin layers to keep the flexibility of the paint.

Once the paint is dry, you can highlight areas with creams and eyeshadows for contours. They work really well together and help to create a lot of dimension in your look.

For splattering effects, apply more water to the mix and flick with a toothbrush!

I have used them to colour my hair also, for my blondies, just be careful of potential staining

I have been using them as graphic liner for my beauty looks. Make sure the paint is a creamy consistency in order to glide over the skin and apply with a small detail brush. Keep paint away from the inner and outer corner of the eyes and not to be used on the waterline. Watery eyes= game over.

10g Professional Grade Vibrant Colour- VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE

Ingredients- Calcium Carbonate (35%), Aqua (30%), Glycerin (6%), Polysorbate 20 (2%), Acacia Senegal Gum (1%), Phenoxyethanol (1%), Colour Lakes 25% (C177891, C142090, C145380, C145410, CI19140, C177491, C17792, CI15850, CI15985). 

 SAFETY!! I know, how boring. But this shit is important

Avoid direct contact with the eyes and mouth.

Prior to full application, test on a small patch of skin (especially for kids!)

Discontinue use if irritation occurs, and I mean it. Burning or tingling sensation? Yeh nah.

Not a food!

Children to use with adult supervision!

Can stain clothing, carpet and other non-skin things so keep that in mind.

Disclaimer-   Palette brochure and Palette refill names contain some minor adult themes. 

Any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me

Email- Courteyhollins1989@gmail.com