Master Liner COA17

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The Master Liner is the perfect brush for precision. Create flawless wings and Graphic liner with this brush. This brush shape is designed for precision, holding a good amount of product while keeping it's shape. If you're into the technical looks, then this brush is for you!

Material- Synthetic hair, wooden handle

How to use- This brush works best with creams, Gels and Liquid products. Use for eye makeup or even lip lining. For the creatives, this brush is brilliant for detailing and line work. 

How to clean- brush cleaners and makeup cleaners work well. If you have used a heavy oil-based product, then a cleansing oil will work best. Use a swiping motion to clean, don't slam the brush down on the tip. Leave to dry with the brush end angled downwards. This will keep the glue and handle intact.