Nose & Scar Wax 40g

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Nose and Scar Wax comes in handy to create a variety of special effects such as lacerations, bullet holes, and alter facial features including noses and chins and other injuries. The product is mouldable yet firm which helps control the product. 

Directions for use-

Scrape wax out using a spatula. Slightly warm product by rolling between warmth of your hands. This makes the product soft enough to shape. 

Apply Spirit Gum or pros-aid underneath wax for better adhesion.

Small amounts of Vaseline can help smooth out the wax without pulling it from the skin. 

Create skin like texture using a stipple sponge. 

Powder lightly with a translucent powder.

Seal with liquid latex or Scar wax sealer,

Colour as desired. 

NOTE- it is important not to warm product too much as it can become extra sticky and hard to shape. 

There are many tutorials available on YouTube for using Scar Wax.