Pretty Dead FX 12 Colour Palette

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The Pretty Dead FX Palette for all your FX colouring needs! This includes special spin.

Centre of Attention Cosmetics decided to include both Water-Activated and Oil-based paints into the one palette as we believe they have 2 very different purposed but are necessary. By combining the 2 in the one palette is not only convenient but budget friendly! 

Water-Activated paints need water to activate. Add more or less depending on what coverage you are wanting.

Oil-based paints are ready to use, however they do need powder to set the colour into place which stops transfer and further blending. 

The top row consists of 6 Water-Activated paint colours. Blood Red, Deep Bruise, Blue/Grey, Green, White and Black.

Blood Red is the perfect fake blood shade. By making it water-activated we can make some very realistic blood drips and splatters. Being able to dry down allows for longevity and less mess the longer you wear it. 

Deep Bruise is a deep shade perfect for bruising or making a laceration appear deeper. 

Blue/Grey and Green are great colours for vein FX and bruising. Also handy for an all over base for creature makeups. 

White and Black were included as colour adjusters, highlights and shadowing! Create any depths with these 2. 

The bottom row consists of 6 Oil-Based Paint colours. Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Purple and Burn Red

Black and White allow for highlighting and contour and mix easily with the other creams to create different tones. 

Yellow and Dark Blue can create base tones, mix to create secondary colours and are handy to adjust other colours. The yellow was added to help create PUS and the dark blue for bruising and depth. 

Purple and Burn Red. Purple has been included to creature creation, bruising and other FX effects while Burn Red is the perfect flesh burn shade. Also used for swelling and cut flesh. 

If you are clued in on your colour theory then this palette will suit you perfectly and you won't have to reach for another FX colour palette again! Be on the lookout for FX colouring tutorials on YouTube and IG.

To remove- Soap and water or makeup cleanser. Oil-based cleansers will remove the oil-based paints. Colours may stain makeup brushes or sponges. Use with caution around clothing, carpet and other non-skin items. Keep

SAFETY- Avoid direct contact with the eyes and mouth. Prior to full application, test on a small patch of skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Children to use only with adult supervision. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. 

Ingredients of Water-Activated- CALCIUM CARBONATE, AQUA, GLYCERIN, POLYSORBATE 20, ACACIA SENEGAL GUM, PHENOXYETHANOL, COLOR LAKES (CI 177891, CI 42090, CI 45380, CI 45410, CI 19140, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 15850, CI 15985, CI 77499, CI 16035.)


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